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Films of 2011



Number of different films watched: 166
Number of films seen at the cinema: 44

NB: I'm updating the numbers but not the posters at the moment. LJ won't let me resize the pictures inside a cut and I can't figure out how to edit the cut so I can then resize the pictures.
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Wow!!! You weren't wrong about the films thing... ;)

I've seen a grand total of 3 of those films...1 of which was a remake.

I have seen others not on your list though. :P Do I get points for that?

Ever seen a film called Beautician and the Beast? Made me laugh, oh so much. It wasn't that good, but the lead woman really carried it forever into my mind. <3 It's quite old, apparently, though I only discovered it this year.
haha, yeah it's a problem ;)

What ones have you seen out of interest? haha! Yeah! I'll give you some points.

Haven't seen that one! I love those films that you just discover out of no where.
Well, this year...as I've seen The Proposal too, but another year.

- Tangled <3
- Harry Potter (the last one!)
- Life-size (watched just last week, a rewatch)

And not this year I've seen the other Harry Potters! Mummy Returns, Independence Day, Stepmom and Mars Attacks.